Monday, December 15, 2008

sixteen things.

sixteen things. (that you may have not known about me)

1. i hate blue pens. like despise them. i will only write in black if i can help it. and with it. my penmanship is uppercase most of the time. unless something is important to be said. its in cursive.

2. my music that i love is a gift for people. most people dont know. but when i give them music that i love. its something that is a part of me. and i hope in someway it touches them how it touches me.

3. i know i have friends. lots of them. from everywhere. but there is a particular ring of friends that i hold close. and they know me for who i really am. so therefore. i hope i can be the most vulnerable. most trusted. and loyal. like take a bullet for. and i wont list there names. but you know who you are.

4. ill be honest. girls who seem hurting or who have been jacked by guys or just not treated correctly in life. i hope that i can change your view of what a man of chivalry is or be a gentleman of promise and in that can show you your real value of worth.

5. i have heroes in my life. they might not be your particular heroes. but here it goes. top 5. 1. dad. 2. johnny cash 3. batman 4. seth cohen 5. john wayne.

6. be ridiculous. please. because then who you really are comes out. and you are way funny....except for kayla.

7. my poetry is my skin on paper. and i would love to share it with you. because hopefully. it can help you get through what your dealing with.

8. i have a trouble with loving Jesus. but i am glad He wants a relationship with me. because its become the most stable thing in my life. even when i am unstable. He is there. therefore i choose to follow Him. cross and all.

9. when i really enjoy something. i tell you more than two times. because you all know i love the OC and batman. just to name a few.

10. i am a nerd. i liked twilight. love the OC. that show is amazing. seth cohen is my hero. i read comic books. i am a sucker. if its sappy. i tend to show a bit of an emotional side.

11. i love being a man. i love adventure. guns. knives. girls. being a cowboy. being a homie. being a follower of Christ. being able to vote. being able to represent the south with a confederate battle flag. cross my heart for the national anthem. serve my country soon enough and being part of the united states air force.

12. i love knowing peoples middle names.

13. i want tattoos. if i could. i might get sleeves. but i think it will be limited too half sleeves.

14. i love children. they bring me so much joy. and being somebody for them and being able to play. make believe. and who doesnt want to be eight again.

15. i did things to be different for my friends. maybe its rebellion. but. i dyed my hair. black. used to wear girls jeans. branded myself. smoked. but i think sometimes i did these things to show my friends. we gotta be our own idenity. and your trying to hard to be the same.

16. i hope after meeting you. that something i said. something i did. can leave an impression on you. that first. i love jesus. and whatever else is second.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008 are white [for kayla caffey]

"what the hell
for real
where has my head been
i have been a walking tree
forgetting i have the leaves
to cover me
and the fruit to give others
but do i taste the beauty
and the benefits myself
im gonna try again tomorrow
im gonna try again tonight
stretch out your limbs
reach out your hands
scream for life
oh God oh God
take away the lies."


this blog is dedicated to: kayla caffey

s i l l y.
mistaken for being misunderstood.
and like jordan: is a friend.
(who holds to that word in every way possible)

i love text messaging.
because sometimes it gets out of hand.

Jordan: "its actually not stressful at all...i dont believe in stress :D"
Stephen: "do you believe in bears jordan. grizzly bears attacks are stressful. i can tell you a story."
Jordan: "bahahhahahahaa! STEPHEN! dont you know im the bear slayer...haha tell me this story."
Stephen: "i was in toys r us and we got an odd shipment from alaska. we opened up a box. and BAM! a freaking grizzly bear. what to do jordan. but alas being in a toy store. there is always guns and lightsabers. it was to the death."
Jordan: "bahaha OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS!!! that is unbelievable. TERRIFYING...thank god you were trained with the machette."
Stephen: "so i grabbed a power wheel from the back. the heavy duty hummer. and i screamed. die bearack obama! and he destroyed my ride instantly. but being a crafty kid i snuck behind him and kicked him in the coco puffs! HE DIED ON THE SPOT."
Jordan: "WHAT A MAN!!! who knew toysrus would be son dangerous!! i mean honestly thank god you were there...who knew what would of happened."
Stephen: "so how did you become bear slayer."
Jordan: "its a gift. like a superhero. like batman is my homeboy."
Stephen: "do you wear spandex or have a cape."
Jordan: "Yes!!!! with a big BS in the middle of my suit."
Stephen: "hahahaha oh meaning bull...oh wait bear slayer. jordan im so glad were friends."
Jordan: "HAHAHAHAHA!!!! REALLY!?! YES!!!! dang you cant let this bear slayer thing get global. i have to keep my identity a secret like spiderman and hannah montana."
Stephen: "what should my superhero name be because i need one now."
Jordan: "i think it should be cool whip!! but i dont know why i just like it hahahahahahahahahaha"
Stephen: "you always brighten my day jordan. always."
Jordan: "blehhhhh stephen! you ARE MY SOUL BROTHER."

i was told this tonight.

"steve you have no idea...
chillin on the wooden steps,
eating fat food,
talking about jesus.
and the o.t.
and realizing that you were no joke
and that you actually knew something about the bible.
that was gold right there."
---sarah dean

i wanna live a life like that.
every day.

latest news.
find out around november seventh when i leave for basic training.
its gonna probably be in the spring.
in lackland texas.
near san antonio.
and i find out my job.
i need to do pushups still tonight.



latest favorite music:

chris tomlin
rascal flatts

latest favorite movies:

american history x
8 mile
the dark knight

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

finding shiloh [for jordan bryant]

"a real girl is rare
far from the comical that ornate the scene
make up like christmas trees
shine bright
and to hold the presents only to be devoured
by mornings light

but im looking for shiloh
a quiet place
the simple place where samuel found you
and hope that there you will be"

this one is for: jordan bryant.

and is a friend (who holds to that word in every way possible).

so officially i am now part of the united states air force.
its a crazy feeling...well....
first. letting the country do what they see fit with you.
second. allowing the Lord meet you there.
third. trusting Him in all of this.

and now.
with my latest divine tragedy.
i say that within the most hopeful way.
God is.
im not.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

for kielly lewis and those who pray

"im dancing like an elephant
clumsy but so fun
i just heard from you for the first time
in over two years
i wont tell you anything more
i just want to hear you laugh again"

each blog will be dedicated to someone and each one will have a poem.

this one is for kielly lewis.
and loves jesus.
and awesome.

thank you for you who pray.
tomorrow is a big day.
i officially join the united states air force.


latest favorite movies:
into the wild
the dark knight
in the land of women

latest favorite musicians:
regina spektor
jack's mannequin